Wet n Wild "Happy Hour Hop"

My pile of untried polishes that I've bought for myself continues to grow and yet I'm not doing a great job at swatching my way through them. Let's change that!

"Happy Hour Hop" - This bright purple shimmery base is filled to the brim with irregularly shaped gold flakes which also shift to shades of green and copper. 

Application was, as George Michael from Arrested Development would say, "easily breezily." It applied smoothly onto the nail and covered well with three coats plus top coat. It did dry down to a satin finish, so the top coat helped to make things look shiny again.

My thoughts? The contrast between the purple and gold is absolutely stunning and I'm totally shocked by the massive amount of flakes in this polish. It's almost like they just took a bottle filled with flakes and added just enough purple to make it liquid-y enough to be applied as a polish! The result is stunning!

I believe this shade is part of the Wet n Wild Halloween collection that has been popping up on endcaps at drugstores right now. I found mine at Walgreens!


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