WingDust Wednesday: "Peaches Be Trippin'!"

What's that? Another WingDust to show you?! On a Wednesday? *gasp* That's right, today is WingDust Wednesday. Prepare yourself for more glittery goodness...

"Peaches Be Trippin'" - This pale peach, crelly base is filled with aqua dots, hexes, and stars, royal blue metallic hexes and stars, peach, pink, and navy hexes, as well as a big dose of color-shifting shimmer that changes between blue and pink. Formula was awesome and actually opaque at two coats, but I added a third here plus top coat. 

The pink-to-blue shimmer is totally gorgeous. I love Stephanie's use of shimmer in her polishes, but I especially love this larger flakie shimmer. It kinda reminds me of the end of Sleeping beauty when Aurora's dress is changing between pink and blue. ;)

My thoughts? I'll be honest... when I first saw this I decided to pass on it. Not because it isn't a pretty polish, but because generally I find myself shying away from oranges and peach colors mostly because they rarely look good with my skin. When I started applying it I realized it was much more of a pink-peach than an orange-peach and actually looks pretty great with my skin tone! It's like if I wanted a perfect nude shade but also wanted it to be filled with glitters.

Currently, "Peaches Be Trippin'!" (how great is that name) is available on Etsy! You can purchase WingDust polish on EtsyLlarowe, and several other international stockists. Make sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram to see sneak peeks of new polishes and restock notices!

*The nail polish in this post was provided for my personal and 100% honest opinion.*


  1. I freaking love the name! That's adorable.

    1. Right? Stephanie comes up with the most hilarious names! XD


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