WingDust Wednesday: "Plum Outta Ideas"

What day is it? Wednesday! You know what that means!

"Plum Outta Ideas" - This shimmering metallic plum base is filled with small gold, red, and purple hexes. In low light you can definitely see a little bit of pink duochrome effect at certain angles.

Coverage was nice and these photos show three coats plus top coat. It dried down to an almost matte finish, so the top coat really gave it a glassy look.

My thoughts? At first this might seem like just a purple polish with some metallic glitter, but once you get it out of the bottle and onto your nails the metallic shimmer and slight duochrome totally come to life! It's rich and sparkly. If only I had some sunlight right now!

You can purchase WingDust polish on EtsyLlarowe, and several other international stockists. Make sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram to see sneak peeks of new polishes and restock notices!


  1. Ooohhhhh. This might be my favorite Wing Dust. How spectacular!

    1. I held off on buying it for a long time and I'm really not sure why!


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