WingDust Wednesday: "She's Pretty Fly"

Surprise! I've got so many new (to me) WingDust polishes to work through that I decided to sneak in a second polish for WingDust Wednesday today! Sneaky sneaky!

"She's So Fly" - This blurple (blue-purple) jelly base is filled with hexes in aqua, pale green, blue, and magenta, magenta dots, large blue holographic dots, and lots of super fine teal shimmer.

Coverage was really good and these photos show three coats plus top coat. The base is suuuuper squishy and allowed plenty of sparkle to shine through. You might need to dab a bit more around the edges and tips as it can show a bit thinner, but I'm so pleased with the resulting look.

I can't decide if this reminds me of space or some sort of deep underwater setting filled with tropical fish. Either way, it's colorful and full of depth!

My thoughts? Polishes with green, blue, and purple/pink glitters in any sort of jelly base are my weaknesses. I could get lost gazing into the gorgeous depth that it creates.

This specific polish is a Beauty So Fly exclusive so you'll have to stop by their site to pick it up. You can purchase other WingDust polish shades on EtsyLlarowe, and several other international stockists. Make sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram to see sneak peeks of new polishes and restock notices!


  1. Teal and purple is such a fantastic color pairing, I love it. It's also the colors of the Suicide Awareness ribbon.

    1. I agree! It's the perfect color combination for me. :)


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