KBShimmer "PT Young Thing" & "Spot Sign"

Hi readers! Today I've got two polishes from KBShimmer to share with you. This first shade is from the early summer collection and I chose to top it with a recent release. Let's get to it!

"PT Young Thing" - This bright silver polish is super pigmented and has a beautiful linear holographic finish. Coverage was great, I didn't experience any bald patches or dragging (like you can run into with some holo polishes), and these photos show three coats plus top coat.

In normal lighting like this you'll see more silver and less of the linear holographic.

In direct LED light or even sunlight you can totally see the linear rainbow effect.

Next I topped it with one coat of the new polish "Spot Sign."

"Spot Sign" - This clear based glitter topper is filled with three different sizes of matte black circles, some fine black and silver holographic glitter, and black leopard spot shaped glitter pieces. Coverage was honestly not bad! I chose to apply one coat of all the glitters except the leopard spots and then went back and placed those spots exactly where I wanted them. I think you could probably just brush this on if you aren't picky about the spots, but I'm a little picky. ;)

I ended up using two coats of Clearly on Top to smooth things out and I have to say it's not entirely smooth. The leopard spot glitters a bit thicker that other glitters. On the flip side, I didn't have any issues with them poking up off the nail or catching on things. One piece slightly sticks up off my pinky, but it isn't sharp and I can't see it catching on anything. Honestly, it's hardly noticeable.

My thoughts? I looove "PT Young Thing" and it's quite possibly the perfect silver holographic polish. I'll have to compare it to my previous favorite Urban Outfitters "Silver Hologram." In all honesty I really wasn't sure what I thought of "Spot Sign" when I first saw it, but after using it I think it's quite alright! I've never been a big fan of animal print of any sort, but this is definitely a quick and easy way to get the look of leopard print on your nails. I like that all the glitter is black and the bit of holographic sparkle is a fun addition.

You can purchase KBShimmer from their website or if you're looking for international shipping you can find them on Harlow & Co. Make sure you follow their Facebook for information about upcoming collections. Also make sure you plan to check back on the 25th of October as I'll have swatches of the upcoming winter collection to share with you! :D

*One of the polishes (Spot Sign) was provided for my personal and 100% honest review.*


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    1. Yay! :D Haha there's been a real division of people who either love it or hate it!

  2. PT Young Thing is PHENOMENAL, holy gods. I'm still undecided on the leopard spot glitter. I think I would like Spot Sign more if it didn't also have the dots, just the leopard and small hexes. I like it more than I expected to, though.

    1. Yeah, I'm always in search of a good silver holo so I was super pleased with it! I think maybe Spot Sign would benefit from just having the smaller dots, but who knows!


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