WingDust Wednesday: "Meet Me @ Midnight"

My WingDust Wednesday posts are one of the things I always look forward to each week. I continue to be impressed and enthralled by the combinations of colors, textures, and glitters that Stephanie combines to make each new creation. Seriously, swatching for her is a dream come true!

"Meet Me @ Midnight" - This polish starts with a holographic, jelly, multichrome base (omg) and is filled with small, rainbow holographic hex glitters, small iridescent shards, and 24 kt gold leaf flakes. The multichrome effect in this shifts primarily between green, navy, and a warm purple.

Coverage was excellent and my photos show just two coats plus top coat. I'm so impressed that the base was opaque enough to cover in two coats and yet it didn't seem to cover up any of the other delicate textures in this polish, like the gold leaf flakes.

With direct flash you can definitely see the green side of the multichrome.

And at a harsh angle you can really see how drastically into purple the multichrome can shift.

I'm dealing with super cloudy weather right now, so this LED flash photo of the holo will have to do for now. I'd probably put it somewhere in the middle of scattered and linear.

My thoughts? I love this times a billion. Actually, that doesn't adequately express my love for this. I'm actually a bit speechless about how much I love this. Between the jelly base, holographic sparkle, gold leaf, and multichrome there is just so much to love!

You can purchase other WingDust polish shades on EtsyLlarowe, and several other international stockists. Make sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram to see sneak peeks of new polishes and restock notices!


  1. I just bought this earlier today! So excited! I also blame you for the other stuff that fell into my cart (One of Those Summer Days and Steel Town Girl) because before finding your blog, I had never purchased an indie polish. I'll direct my husband to you when he asks questions about the packages arriving. ;)

  2. Oh my goodness, that is stunning! The colors are beautiful and the gold leaf is the perfect touch!


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