WingDust Wednesday: "Oops!"

Hi readers! Today I've got a limited edition, one-off batch polish from WingDust to show you!

"Oops!" - This dark navy holographic base is filled with subtle pink shimmer as well as small magenta and aqua hexes. Coverage was great and these photos show two thick coats plus top coat!

I worked super hard to get this shot to try and show you the pink shimmer you can see at extreme angles! It totally glows.

And just for funsies here's a photo of me holding a vanilla macaroon that my husband brought home for me today. :D

My thoughts? I love that this one contains some more subtle glitters. In low light it almost looks like a more plain navy polish, but the holographic sparkle really comes alive in direct lighting. With flash or LED lighting the tiny glitters almost look like stars in a galaxy manicure.

Normally you can purchase other WingDust polish shades on EtsyLlarowe, and several other international stockists, but since this shade was an "Oops!" shade it was only available for a short time. Make sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram to see sneak peeks of new polishes and restock notices!


  1. OH MY GOSH.

    I need Wing Dust in my life. Every new color you post is my favorite. This one takes the cake though, because I can't stop myself from falling in love with not-attainable things.

    1. You totally do! Do you not have any?! If not, we need to fix that ASAP! And hahaha I know what you mean... I am about to go insane because I can't get a hold of Illamasqua "Melange." T_T

    2. ate my comment, I think?

      I have one Wing Dust that I recently got in a polish "grab bag" but I haven't used it yet. One of these Wednesdays, I'm so in!


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