Enchanted Polish "June 2014"

Hi readers! I hope everyone had a relaxing and yummy holiday week. How great would if be if Thanksgiving happened more than once per year? Mmm. Anyway, I've been away with family and wanted to check in and show you what I wore for the past several days!

"June 2014" - A vibrant purple holographic with a magenta duochrome shift. The formula was an absolute dream. These photos show two coats plus top coat, but it's almost a one-coater. This right here is how all holos should be made.

In the bottle shot above you can see the hints of pink and even a rosy copper.

I apologize for the photo spam. It's just too pretty! I took way too many pictures and couldn't decide!

The photo above was taken with off-camera LED light to show the holographic effect. 

This photo above is an awful picture, but it totally shows you the rosy color shift at extreme angles and indirect lighting. 

My thoughts? I'm glad that my birthday is in June and I irrationally had to get a hold of this polish, because it was absolutely worth it. If I could I would buy a bottle of this for every person I know and also ten backup bottles for myself. I applied this on Wednesday because I wanted to have both hands painted while I was away for Thanksgiving things. It's now Sunday and I have zero tip wear or chipping. I'm tempted to see how long I can make it last because honestly I don't want to take this off!

I'm so sorry to show you a polish that is so hard to get a hold of... I know it's still around in swap groups and whatnot. Personally I stalked Storenvy for weeks until I found a good deal on this bottle. But if you're even considering trying to track this one down I'd do it sooner rather than later as it seems like the longer an Enchanted Polish has been around the more rare it seems to become. If you have a bottle you'd like to swap or sell, let me know, because I would seriously consider grabbing a backup lol! ;)

Thanks so much for reading!


  1. Oh. My. Gahd. I can only hope November or December are as pretty as this, since I've got those ordered already.


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