Femme Fatale "Apothecary" & "Mermaiden's Adoration"

Hello there and happy friday! :D It's no secret that I love green and teal shades of nail polish, so it shouldn't be surprising when I say that I have two aqua-based polishes to show you today!

"Apothecary" - This minty, aqua-green holographic polish is filled with a yellow gold duochrome shimmer and large gold flakes. It applied somewhat like a foil polish, but didn't leave any brushstrokes. These photos show three coats plus top coat.

"Mermaiden's Adoration" - This clear based glitter topper is filled with iridescent, white, and aqua hexes as well as golden shimmer. I decided to layer one coat of this on top of "Apothecary" as an accent nail.

Is it just me or does it seem like these two were simply made for each other?!

My thoughts? Femme Fatale polishes have probably moved into my top five indie polish brands ever. Seriously, I think I would own them all if they weren't somewhat difficult (and expensive) to get a hold of here in the US. I'm already planning my next order! The combination of the holo, color shift, and gold flakes definitely make this a unique shade. I can't help but picture mermaids when I see aqua and iridescent glitters!

I buy my Femme Fatale polishes from Color4Nails, but you can also purchase them directly from Femme Fatale and I know there are other international stockitsts you can buy from as well.


  1. These are gorgeous together!

    I feel like you and I have similar tastes in polish because I love everything you post.

    1. Aww, thank you! :D I'd love to see what some of your favorite polishes are!


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