I Love Nail Polish Ultra Chrome Flakies - First Impression

This week the package I've been waiting for finally arrived... my I Love Nail Polish (ILNP) Ultra Chrome Flakie pre-order. While tons of other brands have been releasing what appear to be the same two mixes of multichrome flakies (a purple/copper and a green/gold), it was ILNP that seemed to be the first one to show sneak peeks of a similar ingredient in a huge variety of color combinations. I only purchased seven of the thirteen shades and decided to use five for this look. As the title says, I kind of wanted to do a first impression review on these and give you guys my thoughts. 

First up let me list the shade names for you. Thumb: "Atlantis," pointer: "Cold Fusion," middle: "Supernova," ring: "Open Fields," and pinky: "Electric Carnival." While these are all part of the same collection, they all had very different formulas. I was quite surprised at how opaque some were, while others struggled to provide full coverage. I'll list out details for each shade:

"Electric Carnival" - Four coats. Shifts from a pinkish red, through orange, yellow, and a bit of green.

"Open Fields" - Four coats. Shifts between gold, lime green, and aqua.

"Supernova" - Five coats, but I wanted to add a sixth. Shifts between green, aqua, and purple.

"Cold Fusion" - Three coats. Super full coverage. Shifts from aqua, blue, and a hint of purple.

"Atlantis" - Three coats with a fourth dabbed around the edges of my nail. Shifts between blue, purple, and copper.

My thoughts? So yeah. I was really impressed with "Cold Fusion" and "Atlantis," but "Supernova" in particular left me pretty disappointed in terms of coverage. See how patchy the tip of my middle finger looks compared to my pointer? I'm not sure if the ratio of base-to-flakie is different between some of the actual size of the flake is different. "Cold Fusion" did appear to have way more tiny flakies that helped to provide coverage. All that said, these still look gorgeous. I found myself twisting my hand around whenever I went into different lighting to see the color shift. The flakies really do give a completely different look than the ILNP ultra chrome polishes, primarily because these are much more metallic and shiny. I think I may try layering 1-2 coats of flakies over a corresponding regular ultra chrome shade. ;) Now I just have to wait for these to come back in stock so I can order the others I originally passed on!

As always, thanks for reading!


  1. This is the essence of polish porn right here. WOW. You did a great job with these!


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