Indigo Bananas "Accretion Disk" (Holo)

So this post is going to be a bit shorter than usual. I have to tell you guys... I am in love with this polish (I wore it for five days straight) but it was so hard to photograph. I feel like these pictures don't come close to how gorgeous it is in person. Maybe I was just having a weird camera day, I'm not sure! That said, I hope this will give you an idea of what this shade is like.

"Accretion Disk" - A clear-based, holographic, gold-to-green chrome flake polish. My photos show three thicker coats plus top coat, with no other base color. The formula was smooth and easy to apply.

My thoughts? Indigo Bananas is quickly becoming one of my favorite indie brands, largely because of the creativity. Pretty much everyone is releasing these ultra chrome flakie polishes right now, but Indigo Bananas was the first one that I personally saw who added holo to the mix. Even aside from the ultra chrome flakes, there are a ton of other creative mixes of multichrome bases with the iridescent flakes and even a rose gold metallic flake polish! I also appreciate that this shade is so dense with flakes. You can easily apply one coat over another color or build it up to opacity without needing to use a ton of coats.

You can purchase Indigo Bananas polishes from their shop or on Etsy. Make sure you give them a like/follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. As always, thanks for reading!


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