Boii Cosmetics Chrome Flakies

Hi loves! Today I have two color-shifting chrome flakie polishes to show you from a brand called Boii Cosmetics. Keep reading for more details!

"Galaxy" - A clear base filled with chrome flakies that shift between purple, magenta, and green. My photos show four coats on top of a black base plus top coat.

I have now tried several shades of chrome flakie polishes from ILNP and Indigo Bananas and been very impressed with them. These two shades from Boii Cosmetics are alright, but it's very apparent that there are fewer flakies in the clear base than other brands. With Indogo Bananas "Accretion Disk" I was able to get full coverage with three coats, but you can see that with four coats of Boii Cosmetics "Galaxy" I still don't have full coverage over the black base.

"Treasure Within" - A clear base filled with chrome flakies that shift between gold, green, and a touch of pink. My photos show four coats on top of a black base plus top coat.

This one was very similar to "Galaxy" in that it's a pretty polish, but it just takes a lot of coats. My guess is you would need five to six (or maybe more?) to have full coverage over a bare nail. Between the black creme, four coats of polish, plus top coat, I had six layers of polish on my nail, which had a lot of trouble drying all the way.

Swatch Summary

Brand name: Boii Cosmetics
Color names: "Galaxy" and "Treasure Within"
Price: $12.75
Where to buy:
My opinion: I love this color-shifting chrome flakie trend, but to be 100% honest these are not the best ones that I've tried. I don't have the patience for five, six, maybe even more coats for a full coverage look.

Aside from these specific shades, I feel like I need to take a minute to talk about the brand itself. Unfortunately, my communication with the maker has been somewhat scattered and unclear. From what she initially wanted, to what she was sending, to when she needed swatches done by... it's all been messy. In her initial email to me she wanted to purchase my swatch photos of an ILNP ultra chrome shade to use in her shop, claiming she was selling the same item. (I guess that should have been my first warning sign!) I think it took five emails and me asking before she would tell me the name of her brand. The bottles simply say "Boii" but the brand is "Boii Cosmetics." As I'm currently writing this review, the Boii Cosmetics Etsy shop is completely gone. I contacted the owner and found out she will be out of town until the end of January and because she can't send out orders she decided to close her Etsy shop. But if this is the case, why is there no notice of this on What happens if someone places an order but doesn't realize that they won't even have their order shipped for another three weeks? I also wanted to mention that the bottles that I received seem a little sloppy as there are giant bubbles in the labels and the bottom name labels don't even have capitalized names.

In addition, the polish names on the website show up as "ULTRA CHROME FLAKIES GALAXY COPPER-GOLD-GREEN" and "ULTRA CHROME FLAKIES GALAXY PINK, PURPLE, BLUE, GOLD." The specific shade names found on the bottom of my bottles ("Galaxy" and "Treasure Within") aren't really identified on the website, which makes tracking them down a bit difficult. Is it crazy that this bothers me? Am I being oversensitive about lack of clear labeling and names that are both not capitalized and don't match the online listings? I mean if I wanted to get really nit-picky I'd even point out that one website name uses dashes while the other uses commas...

Anyway. It's pretty rare that I have negative things to say about a brand, but I do always try to be absolutely honest with you guys. I will critique a shade for the formula, but in general I feel like I work with mostly really amazing brands. I'm telling you, professional looking products and clear communication both make a huge impact on my first impression of a brand. Even after expressing some concerns with the maker, she hasn't really offered an explanation or apology. So with all that said, I unfortunately have to say that I'm not a fan of Boii Cosmetics.

As always, thanks for reading.

*The polishes in this post were provided for my personal and 100% honest review.*


  1. That sucks. Bad customer service is a HUGE turn-off for me. And, the capitalization bothers me, too.


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