Marc Jacobs "Oui"

Hi readers! I'm continuing to work my way through my stash and tackle some untried polishes. This one I'm showing you today was actually a Christmas present from my husband! I had mentioned to him that I had been wanting to try a Marc Jacobs polish and this is the one he picked out. ;) Let's check it out.

"Oui" -  A vibrant magenta metallic polish with that "inner glow" look. The formula was interesting in a good way. I found that I needed to dip my brush at least twice to cover each nail (three times for my thumb), but it wasn't at all runny at all and I didn't have any issues with cuticle flooding. My photos show two coats plus top coat.

Swatch Summary

Brand name: Marc Jacobs
Color name: "Oui"
Price: $18
Where to buy:
My opinion: I have lots of magenta nail polish, but I can't say that I have any like this! Between the awesome formula and the way it looks like it's glowing from within, I'm in love. I especially appreciate the bright metallic finish that doesn't show brush strokes.

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  1. This is a pretty one! That bottle is sort of fun, too, though I can't imagine it's super easy to paint your nails while holding it.


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