WingDust Wednesday: "Spring Has Sprung"

Join me in celebrating the return of WingDust Wednesday! Wooooo! I'm really trying to stretch out my last few untried shades, which is why I've been holding out on these posts. This one is actually an old shade that I've been trying to track down for ages and a friend in a swap group was nice enough to send it to me!

"Spring Has Sprung" - A grass green scattered holo filled with tiny, multicolored hex glitters and a very slight pink shimmer. My photos show three coats plus top coat and I should mention that this dries down to a satin matte finish.

Swatch Summary

Brand name: WingDust
Color name: "Spring Has Sprung"
Price: $8.50-$12.00
Where to buy: Because this is an older shade (I believe from 2013) your best chances of finding it are probably going to be in swap groups or from blog sales. Other current WingDust shades can be purchased here:
My opinion: I wish I could accurately capture the pink shimmer in this one because it really does add an interesting touch. When I first saw this color I was skeptical about the rainbow glitters in the green base (which is silly, because rainbows and green are two things I love) but because they're so small they add more sparkle and dimension rather than screaming "RAINBOW!" If you can hunt this one down, I highly suggest snagging it!

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