Delush Polish Spring to Conclusions Collection

Happy Friday! Or as Adrianna (creator of Delush Polish) adorably said to me this morning "Happy Fri-yay!" I've got her newest collection to share with you today and let me tell you... it is Spring perfection! The "Spring to Conclusions" collection includes six shades filled with a bright and cheerful mix of glitters "inspired by the sunnier days ahead." I am SO excited about these you guys!

"In the Prime of My Lime" - A shimmery neon green jelly base filled with matte white and yellow hexes in a couple sizes and medium yellow dots. Super easy to apply but I did need four coats plus top coat for this one. It's SO bright! Doesn't it kind of remind you of dandelions? 

"Amazemint" - A pale minty-teal crelly filled with tiny iridescent hexes, pale mint and aqua hexes, tiny white hexes, and lastly both small and medium aqua dots. This one is interesting because the coats seemed to cover up the glitter, but once they dried they actually dried a bit thinner and the glitter became beautifully visible again! I used three coats plus top coat here.

"Springing in the Rain" - A sky blue crelly base filled with white and magenta hexes and dots in several sizes. Suuuper easy and smooth formula on this one! I used three coats plus top coat. This one makes me think of sunny skies and bright pink roses!

"An Offer You Can't Refuchsia" - A bright pinky-purple jelly base packed with red and sky blue hexes in a couple sizes, metallic navy dots, and tiny iridescent hexes. Oh. My. Goodness. Are you seeing this? This is glitter-packed-jelly-perfection right here. I used three thin coats plus top coat.

"A Peony for Your Thoughts" - A white crelly base with a hint of pink filled with matte hot pink and purple hexes and metallic magenta dots in two sizes. I'm so impressed that the white base was able to cover really well but not so much so that the glitters were covered up. I used three coats plus top coat.

(Sorry the vertical photo on this one is different! The other one got lost somehow.)

"50 Shades of Yay" - A bight white crelly base filled with a pastel rainbow of dots and hexes and large metallic aqua hexes. Oh boy oh boy oh boy! White crellies filled with rainbow glitter will always be one of my weaknesses! The best part about this polish is I only needed TWO COATS plus top coat! A glitter-filled white crelly that covers in two coats is pretty much unheard of!

Swatch Summary

Brand name: Delush Polish
Color/collection name: Spring to Conclusions Collection
Price: $8.95 each or $48 for the entire collection
Release date: February 20th, 2015
Where to buy:
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My opinion: Wow, where do I even begin? This collection is bright, fun, colorful, and an absolutely beautiful representation of the upcoming Spring season. I love that the collection looks beautiful together, but each polish is super unique with different finishes and glitter mixes. I think it's great that there are some brighter, almost neon, shades as well as some pastels. I'm obsessed with the large dot glitter that we see frequently in Delush Polish shades so I wish EVERY shade in this collection had them, but that's just me being crazy! ;D The bottom line; if you love glitter-packed crellies and jellies this collection is totally for you. Don't forget that you can also earn rewards points with every Delush Polish purchase, which you can save up to use on future purchases.

As always, thanks for reading!

*Polishes in this post were provided for my personal and 100% honest review.*


  1. Great swatches as usual! I LOVE 50 Shades of Yay! And An Offer You Can't Refuchsia reminds me of WD Muskoka Sunset. :)

    1. Thanks, love! :D You're right, I thought it looked similar to something but couldn't figure out what it was!

  2. Ahhhh, I love Amazemint and Springing in the Rain!

  3. Oh, goodness! These are so pretty, and perfect for Spring!


  4. "Springing in the Rain" Reminds me of darling diva polish zen pool.


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