KBShimmer Summer 2015 Collection Press Release

Hi readers! Today I have the press release details for the KBShimmer Summer 2015 Collection to share with you!
This first part consists of seven cremes, a glitter topper, and a holographic top coat:

DUST IN THE BOTTLE: A sparkly holographic dust top coat, ideal for adding bling to any manicure.
LEI IT AGAIN: An electric pink cream.
BAHAMA DRAMA: A near neon deep peach cream.
LEGGO MY MANGO: A creamsicle orange cream.
RUM ME THE RIGHT WAY: A shocking yellow cream and the perfect swap for nude.
FOR SAIL BY OWNER: A juicy lime cream.
IN YACHT WATER: A Caribbean blue cream with aqua leanings.
SARONG PLACE, SARONG TIME: A vibrant purple cream.
PRECIOUS PETALS: A glitter top coat in neon pink, purple, white, and aqua with a fine holographic dust.

This second part consists of six multichrome flake polishes and four sterling silver flake polishes:

TAKE THE PUNNY AND RUN: A color shifting shade that travels from fuchsia to lime green with shades of gold and copper between, the most vibrant shifting of the flake polishes.
GREEN WEAVER: From a rosy pink, to an apple green, this shifting shade also shows hints of purple at extreme angles
PROS AND BRONZE: A gold toned flake with subtle shifts to warm bronze and orange with hints of green at extreme angles .
SHE’S BEYOND KELP: From lime green to blue, this shifting shade picks up shades of grass green and aqua at different angles.
LOOK ON THE NIGHTSIDE: This shifting shade goes from a rich green, to a violet purple, offers hints of royal blue
MOODY HUES: Rich jewels tones in purple and blue showing off hints of copper at extreme angles
FOILED: The smallest of our silver flakes, Foiled offers the smoothest metallic look of the 4 shades and is best layered for full coverage.
R-E-F-L-E-C-T: A medium sized silver flake polish.
THAT’S ORE LIKE IT!: A large sized silver flake polish, very fun for nail art or laying for full coverage.
STERLING EXAMPLE: The largest of our silver flakes, this polish looks great alone or layered for full coverage.

This last portion of the collection is a combination of glitters, shimmer, and a linear holographic:

PINK-A COLADA: A violet leaning pink crelly polish with holographic glitters in lime green, light blue & pink.
SHELL SHOCK: A peach leaning tan polish with holographic gold glitter, magenta glitter, and copper glitters.
SUN & GAMES: A gold holographic polish packed with micro fine glitters for a sunny full coverage look.
HOME SURF: A muted teal crelly with silver holographic glitters in several sizes.
VITAMIN SEA: An aqua jelly polish with pink, silver, and micro holographic glitters.
WAVE THE FLAG: A patriotic glitter topper with red, white & blue matte glitters and tiny white stars.
WHAT ARE YOU WADING FOR?: A deeper toned periwinkle linear holo polish with indigo blue shimmer.
WE BE JAMMIN’: A bright magenta with blue shimmer and micro holographic sparkle.
ALLOY MATEY!: Our most blingy silver polish yet, packed with micro and fine silver holographic glitters!

KBShimmer’s Summer 2015 Collection will launch May 15, 2015 with cream formulas retailing for $7.50, glitter toppers for $8.75, and flake polishes for $10.75. It will be available to purchase from KBShimmer.com, Amazon.com and at select salons & retailers. For sales outside the U.S., visit www.harlowandco.org.

Keep an eye out for my swatches starting this Monday!

As always, thanks for reading!


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