Bohemian Polish "Mojave Morning"


I have sooo many things from Cosmoprof to show you all! I'm trying my hardest to work my way through then and get back to posting regularly on here. I'm telling you, July was crazy. But now I have a new tripod and fancy new high speed memory card for my camera (thank you, Tim! <3) so I'm more than prepared to dive back in. So today I'm doing just that with another Cosmoprof exclusive shade from Bohemian Polish!

Bohemian Polish "Mojave Morning"

Bohemian Polish "Mojave Morning" macro

"Mojave Morning" - I can't decide if I want to call this white, silver, or grey so I'm going to combine them and call it whilvey. Yes, whilvey. The base is filled with scattered holographic pigment as well as shimmer that shifts between blue, purple, and pink. I did experience some patchiness on the first two coats, but the third coat made everything super smooth.

Bohemian Polish "Mojave Morning" in sunlight

Swatch Summary

Brand name: Bohemian Polish (Previously known as Finger Lickin' Lacquer.)
Where to buy: This was a Cosmoprof 2015 exclusive, but you can find other Bohemian Polish shades at
Where to follow: Facebook & Instagram

My opinion: You know that scene in Harry Potter where he's first seeing the Pensieve in Dumbledore's office? The memories floating in the basin are described as "a silvery substance that appears to be a cloud-like liquid/gas". When I saw this polish that was the first thing that I thought of. It totally matches what I pictured the Pensieve memories to look like. I've been wanting a white holo polish for so long and this one absolutely fills that hole in my heart.

Also, this is my first time trying a polish from Jennifer with her new bottles, labels, and branding. Isn't the logo absolutely adorable? I love it!

As always, thanks for reading!

*The polish in this post was provided for my personal and 100% honest review.*


  1. Absolutely stunning! Not to add to the name, but it's almost got a gold cast to it as well. So, whilvegold?


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